A bike like no other, the S1 defines a new age of water biking. A sublime blend of iconic design and precision engineering, the S1 delivers a sensational water based experience that features:

  • Premium stainless steel and anodized components throughout
  • Ultra low drag outdrive featuring a specially optimized propeller design
  • Integrated steering on handlebars
  • Rugged, 1100 denier PVC pontoons
  • Performance saddle, handlebars, cranks and pedals

Made in California S1 Is silent, clean and sustainable.

  • Frame is 2″ in width, supports up to 300lbs
  • Less than 10 minutes to assemble and disassemble
  • Small footprint allows for easy storage
  • S1 transports on most vehicle bike racks & in trunks

* Specifications subject to change without notice

Additional information

Weight 40.82 kg
Dimensions 121.92 x 40.64 x 91.44 cm